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Bodegas Martínez Paiva is a family-owned company with a tradition of over five generations in vine cultivation and the elaboration of quality wines in Extremadura.


The wines of Bodegas Martínez Paiva are elaborated from grapes selected from their own vineyards, enabling them to control and ensure the elaboration process from the vine to the bottle, and thus imbuing the wines their unique personality.


Paiva is pioneer in the introduction of new cultivation techniques, varietal wines and elaboration methods in the "Tierra de Barros" area, near Almendralejo (Badajoz), the wine “capital” of Extremadura.


The winery has 350 hectares of vineyards, mainly planted with domestic varieties such as Tempranillo, Graciano, and the autochthonous Cayetana, similarly having small productions of other domestic varieties (Carignan (also known as Mazuelo), Muscat …) and international Merlot, Syrah (or Shiraz) or Chardonnay.



About your activity


- Activity length: 1h 30 min

- Taste of 4 wines: 

   – Cayetana white 

   – Graciano red

   – Crianza red

   – 56 Barricas red

Winery Visit & Wine Taste - Bodegas Paiva

  • Almendralejo - Badajoz


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