3 Reasons why to attend the Badajoz Carnival

The Badajoz Carnival (#CarnavaldeBadajoz) is one of the most important carnivals in #Spain and festivals in #Extremadura. It is not only popular amongst the locals but also the tourists as it has been declared as the Festival of National Tourist Interest. A week of festive cheer, colour and music take on the streets of Badajoz where you will see people dressed in all sorts of funky costumes made of net, felt, satin and other such materials. There are music troupes, locally known as “comparsas” dressed up in costumes that participate in the Carnival Parade each year. This rhythmic and colourful experience is not to be missed. The Carnival is a 5 days celebration, this year from Friday 21st February to Tuesday 25th February.

#1 The Grand Finale of the “Murgas” Contest (21st February, Friday):

It starts with the “pregon” which is an opening day celebration of the carnival on Friday. It consists of the inaugural night of the Carnival and the Grand Finale of the “Murgas” Contest which is a musical troupe competition held a few days before the carnival. During these days, the streets and squares of #Badajoz are filled with people who come to watch the troupes shine. The top three music troupes perform at the burial of the sardine on Shrove Tuesday in the San Roque neighborhood of Badajoz.

On Saturday, there is a popular costume contest at streets followed by a huge street party that lasts all night long. If you want to blend in with the crowd you should wear a costume, so you will feel like a real "Pacense".

#2 The Great Parade of the “Comparsas” (23rd February, Sunday):

The “comparsas” are organised groups of people who participate in the parade on the streets of Badajoz. The big carnival parade takes place on Sunday and it passes through some of the popular neighborhoods of Badajoz.

On Monday, there is another huge carnival celebration that lasts all night long in the San Roque neighborhood.

#3 Shrove Tuesday (25th February, Tuesday):

The Burial of the Sardine ("Entierro de la Sardina") on Shrove Tuesday, also called "Martes de Carnaval" (Carnival Tuesday), marks the last day of the carnival. It is a funeral procession with the coffin of the sardine being followed by the carnival attendees, all dressed in black. The "comparsas" (groups of singers) say "goodbye" to their favourite festival until the following year, and end with a breakfast of typical pastries, anisette and coffee with "migas" (a local tapa of bread crumbs).

These five days of the carnival additionally include the parade of floats, which are another popular attraction for the people who attend this "spanish fiesta" where good fun is assured to everyone, no matter what time of the day it is!

This Carnival is so significant that there is a theme museum dedicated to it with costumes, musical compositions, written lyrics and objects on display to preserve the collective memory of it within its doors.

The Badajoz Carnival Museum - Consejeria de Turismo

Of course there is much more than 3 reasons to enjoy the Badajoz Carnival, but we want you to discover them by yourself! Let's just say that you will love the amazing tapas culture and the beautiful city loaded of history... Come with us! Contact us, we have limited spots but fun is ensure!

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