5 Reasons to Visit Badajoz

Badajoz is the largest province in Spain, has housed different cultures throughout the history of Spain that share their influence over Badajoz, making it a significant cultural center. The city is the economic centre and the capital of the Porvince in Extremadura, beautifully studded with Moorish and medieval architecture bordering with Portugal. Its strategic geographical position has allowed it to articulate the diplomatic relationships between Portugal and Spain.

#1 Explore Alcazaba, the largest fortress in Europe

The Alcazaba is a majestic 12th century 8-hectare fortress located in Badajoz. It is the largest in Europe offering a great view of the city above the Plaza Alta. Surrounding this is the Torres de Espantaperros, which is a symbol of Badajoz, built by the Moors along with a 16th-century Mudéjar bell tower wrapped around an older original. Inside the fort, a refurbished Renaissance palace houses the Provincial Archaeological Museum consisting of artefacts from prehistoric times to Roman, Islamic and medieval Christian periods. The walled enclosure of the fortress mostly comes from the Almohad era which makes it simple and austere.

#2 Plaza Alta

Almost every Spanish city boasts of a historic main square. Plaza Alta is that designated square for Badajoz city. At the peak of the old town and under beneath the walls of the Alcazaba, lies this unusual square, built in 1681.

It is framed on its east side by the strikingly bold, deep-red-and-white, Moorish-inspired “Casas Coloradas” and invites to have some tapas and wine with these unique views.

#3 Puerta de Palma

This is one of the more emblematic and characteristic monuments of the city and due to its magnificence it is the most relevant of its kind, in Extremadura. This is one of the entrances to the city and it has been the way to communicate Spain with Portugal since the beginning.

It was built in 1941 along with the bridge that directly communicates to it. The interior facade has a tiny chapel while the exterior has a stone arch with the imperial shield of Carlos V.

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#4 Badajoz Cathedral

This beautiful Cathedral is in “Plaza de España” square. It was built mostly between 13th and 15th century over an old Visigothic or Mozarabic church outside the Alcazaba.

This is a Roman Catholic church with strong walls and bastions to keep it safe from the continuous wars in the city. The windows of the cathedral are uniquely built in a perfect blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Plateresque style.

This building has witnessed the marriage of the future King of Spain Fernando VI with the “Infanta Doña Barbara de Braganza”, from Portugal.

#5 Badajoz Carnival

The #BadajozCarnival is one of the most important festivals in Spain. It is not only popular amongst the locals but also is a unique experience for tourists and that’s why, it has been declared as the Festival of National Tourist Interest. A week of festive cheer, color and music take on the streets of Badajoz where you will see people dressed in all sorts of funky costumes made of net, felt, satin and other such materials. There are music troupes, locally known as “comparsas” dressed up in costumes that participate in the Carnival Parade each year. This rhythmic and colorful experience is not to be missed. The Carnival is a 5 days celebration from Friday to Tuesday. This year has been celebrated on February 21st to February 25th (If you would like to watch our wrap up video of this year's carnival, go to our IGTV profile here).

2020 carnival's night time celebration

Of course there are much more than these 5 reasons to visit this city, Badajoz has marvellous spots brimming with culture and magic, some of them more unkown, but this is something that you shouldn't missed in your first visit to Badajoz and you can be able to do it if you have just one day to visit Badajoz.

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