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All about Cherry Blossom in Spain

Springtime is one of the favourite seasons for lots of people due to the rising temperatures, the beauty of nature with lots of flowers and trees blossoming and waterfalls at their best. One of the most beautiful spring sights in Spain is the cherry blossoms one, that you can enjoy at their best at “Valle del Jerte”, in Extremadura region.

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The beauty of Jerte Valley

The season of Cherry Blossom symbolizes the beauty of new life and the beginning of spring. Although this season lasts only for about two weeks its beauty is worthy of seeing. Jerte Valley (“Valle de Jerte” in Spanish) is without a doubt, the most spectacular place to experience the cherry blossom season in Spain: This Valley has over 1.5 million cherry trees and the cherry trees has been grown in terraces in different levels which gives it a peculiar and special sightseeing. But also it is a place to delight yourself with cherries and “picotas” (a specific type of cherries typical from Jerte Valley) and the gastronomy that revolves around them.

Early Cherry Blossoms time

Cherry trees start to bloom from around March-end and beginning of April depending on the weather conditions each year. One thing to note is that not all cherry trees blossom together. Those at a lower elevation bloom first and the ones higher up in colder places bloom later. So you need to be patient and attentive to know when is the best moment to see the full bloom, when all the valley is covered in white colours as if a white sheet was covering the green fields.

In honour to the Cherry Blossom Season, there are a bunch of events celebrated in the Jerte Valley every year. The “Fiesta del Cerezo en Flor” is such an event which takes place from March end to May consisting of a wide variety of cultural and culinary activities looking to transmit the culture and local traditions.

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This time of the year, in Spain, the trees are fully bloomed and the valley looks amazing in its white sheet. Of course, due to COVID-19 it is not possible to visit these days and all the activities around it are cancelled, but you can enjoy from home and prepare yourself for next year.

Full Cherry Blossoms time El

Here are some curiosities about Cherry blossoms

1. This flowers marks the real enter of spring, so when they are blooming we can say that officially spring is here!

2. There are several varieties of cherry trees. While some are majorly used for eating, some are also used for decorations.

3. The cherry blossom flowers are usually pink and white colours, but the colours could vary depending on the type and the blossoming period.

4. These flowers are the national flower of Japan and are a symbol of hope and renovation (Sakura in Japanese).

5. In case you are wondering, the cherry trees are known as “Cerezo” in Spanish.

During this season you can do a nice trekking walk to enjoy the view, a very romantic and relaxing picnic while delighting with the surroundings or a hot air balloon trip, among others.

There are plenty of things that you can do in the valley during cherry blossoms time and during the whole year, but we will talk about this last one in another post. Tell us what would you like to know in the comments.

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience not worth missing! We hope that soon everything will be better and to see you there, next year! Meanwhile let's keep dreaming and travelling from home.

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