Best beaches in the Spanish Algarve

Summer is synonymous of good weather, salt water and free time, and beach tourism is one of the best options when it comes to planning your summer holidays. Spain's extensive coastline boasts a large number of beaches that can compete with film destinations such as the Fiji Islands or the Amalfi Coast.

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The beaches of southern Spain are characterised by their great beauty, the quality of their waters and the enormous variety of landscapes to be found along the different coastal communities. From the coves of Cadiz, in the heart of the natural environment, to the tropical beaches of Malaga, with their striking palm trees, the unspoilt sandy beaches of Almeria and the marshes and dunes of Huelva, Andalusia is full of surprising places.

Among them, today we would like to highlight the best beaches on the coast of Huelva: The more than 120 kilometres of beaches on the Costa de la Luz in Huelva are highly valued for their calm, crystal-clear waters, their fine sands and the surrounding vegetation, as well as for the great culture and gastronomy of the coastal towns, which make these paradisiacal places very interesting cultural destinations.

Matalascañas Beach

Considered one of the best beaches in Spain, it is also one of the largest beaches on the Costa de la Luz, as it has more than five kilometres of coastline. There is a historical element of great beauty that sets it apart from all the others: the Torre de la Higuera or the "cap" of Matalascañas, the remains of this historic tower that rise up in front of the sea in a curious shape.

It is an urban and family beach with excellent accessibility and services, where you can bathe, practice water sports or sunbathe, but if you are looking for peace and quiet, you can move away to the south of the beach, where you will find a more unspoilt area, close to the limits of the Doñana National Park and the Lunar Park. Take the opportunity to visit these Natural Parks and make the most of all that Matalascañas has to offer.

Matalascañas beach has been awarded the Q for Tourist Quality distinction.

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The Parador Beach - Mazagón

El Parador beach is located in a paradisiacal space of incomparable beauty, in the Doñana Natural Park. This idyllic environment, surrounded by an enormous pine forest, frames one of the most peaceful beaches in Huelva, isolated from the urban section and where you can relax and enjoy beautiful sunsets.

Undoubtedly, the best time to visit is during periods of low tide, as hundreds and hundreds of metres of white sand are uncovered, allowing you to walk along the endless coastline, play sports or admire the scenery.

Parador beach has been awarded the Blue Flag and the Q for Tourist Quality.

The Portil Beach - Punta Umbría

This beach, with its golden sands and calm waters, is considered one of the most remarkable beaches in Huelva, as it is surrounded by the Laguna de El Portil Nature Reserve, as well as by the nearby Paraje de los Enebrales and Marismas del Odiel Nature Reserve, making it the perfect destination if nature and adventure tourism is your thing. If you are a history lover, we recommend a visit to the remains of the bunkers built during the Second World War.

You will marvel at the calm and serenity of this oasis among Atlantic pines, and its good views of the Flecha del Rompido, a coastal formation of marshes parallel to the beaches of Huelva.

Islantilla Beach

Islantilla beach, on the border between the municipalities of Isla Cristina and Lepe, and only 20 kilometres from Portugal, is classified as one of the best beaches in Huelva, being the first place in the province of Huelva to receive the Q seal of Tourist Quality thanks to the services it offers and the excellent quality of its waters.

Its one and a half kilometres of fine golden sands open out onto the Atlantic in a totally accessible landscape, with a pleasant climate all year round and stunning views. Come and enjoy the nautical activities on offer for children and adults, take a dip in its cool waters or have a snack in the beach bars in the area.

Islantilla beach has been awarded the Blue Flag and Q Seal of Tourism Quality.

Central Beach - Isla Cristina

This urban beach, with fine sand and transparent waters, connects on both sides with other natural beaches, and stands out for its accessibility and its variety of services, including its access ramps, its large car park and activities such as the boat trip from the marina to the fishing port. It is precisely this variety of services that makes it perfect for family tourism, as you will find everything you need if you are travelling with children or the elder people.

The Central Beach of Isla Cristina is located in the Monte Público Dunas de Isla Cristina, full of autochthonous fauna, among whose animal species the common chameleon stands out.

Redondela Beach - Isla Cristina

Redondela Beach, in Isla Cristina, is located in a natural enclave of extensive pine woods, among which there is a picturesque chapel. Every June, a pilgrimage is held in honour of the Virgen de La Esperanza de la Redondela.

Its white sands, surrounded by the forest, make it a very well-preserved natural enclave, part of the Monte Público Dunas de Isla Cristina, which you cannot miss.

Isla Canela Beach - Ayamonte

Close to the mouth of the Guadiana River, and with views of Portugal, this white sandy beach stretching for some six kilometres along the coast of Huelva is one of the most spectacular beaches in Ayamonte.

Its calm waves and natural landscapes of marshes, reed beds and dunes, as well as the variety of water sports available in the area, make this beach the perfect place to spend the day with the family, practising active tourism, enjoying the calm waters of Isla Canela or taking a pleasant walk along the seashore.

This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.

Haraganes Beach - Ayamonte

Located between Isla Canela and Punta del Moral, Playa de los Haraganes is separated from the promenade by the dunes. It is a wide and quiet beach, where you can relax in its high quality waters, enjoy the sun on the golden dune sands or practice water sports such as sailing or surfing. It also has a floating water park that children can enjoy during the summer.

The Haraganes Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.

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There are many more charming places on the coast of Huelva, but we are sure that some of these suggestions have made you fall in love and inspired you for your next getaway.

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