Four curiosities of Classical Theater Festival of Merida

Updated: Jul 18

In addition of having excellent locations and a long history, this classical theater festival has several curiosities that make it one of the most popular events in the peninsula.

Mérida, the ancient capital of the Roman Empire, preserves a historical heritage declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. Among its multitude of buildings, the Roman Theater is one of the most striking and well-known.

Being one of the best preserved in the world, the Roman Theater of Mérida is a true delicacy of history that as soon as we step on it delights all our senses. It is more than 2,000 years as an observer of the evolution - and sometimes involution - of humanity. When we step on it, unconsciously, we feel that we want to hug it and we surprise ourselves caressing his literary stones while we stare at them trying to visualize his years of splendor in the Empire that raised him. Today, it is still the scene of countless theatrical performances, as well as other events such as concerts or presentations.

But, without a doubt, the most popular event it hosts is the Classical Theater Festival. Here are some facts of its great fame:

1. It is the festival with the longest history in Spain

In other words: it is the oldest theater festival that has been reported. It began in 1933 with "Medea".

2. Every year it grows more

With the passage of time and the rise of its popularity, this annual festival grows bigger with each edition. The number of performances increases at the same time as the presence of established actors and actresses in the world of interpretation.

3. It is represented in more than one stage

That's right: it doesn't just take place at the Roman Theater in Mérida. Although it is the main venue, this festival has other incredible outdoor locations such as the theaters of Medellín, Cáparra or Regina.

4. Great classics

Part of the success of this festival is found in the combination of different representations but, although it is true, the classic works enjoy a special enthusiasm on the part of the public. This year the Festival has works such as Antonio y Cleopatra or Mercado de Amores. Other classics such as Antígona or Anhost will be performed at other venues.

This summer enjoy the opportunity and take the opportunity to get to know the province of Badajoz and Caceres through a top-class cultural festival. Contact us and we will take care of everything. And don't overthink may miss it!

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