Discover the advantages of bathing in rivers, pools and freshwater beaches in Extremadura

Although Spain is a country known for its beach and sun tourism, it is not the only thing that makes it different. Within inland tourism, rural getaways and visits to natural pools and rivers are one of the great attractions for many people looking to take a refreshing dip.

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The Extremadura area is home to a large number of places to enjoy this type of getaway. A day of rest in this type of environment will bring you many benefits, both for the body, the mind and even the pocketbook. Do you want to know what are the advantages of fresh water locations in Extremadura?

  • Less crowds:

This type of tourism is usually out of the ordinary. Normally, visits to natural environments so wonderful and, at the same time, unknown, provide the positive value that not everyone knows about these destinations. To this, we must also add that Extremadura is a place par excellence of this description.

The best places in Extremadura are usually known only to the residents of the area or to some lucky ones. You will not find shores full of bathers crowded on the beaches, or beach bars with huge terraces ... This type of getaway will allow you to relax and refresh your ideas.

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  • Less planning and less cost:

Normally, the areas of this type of bathroom are not so far or so in demand. Reservoirs, swamps, pools, rivers ... With this great variety, there will always be a greater chance of finding a wonderful place.

If you choose Extremadura, you will be surprised by everything you can choose from. And you won't need many weeks to organize it either: a few days may even be enough. These beautiful places will always give you options to choose from.

  • Really pure, sand-free water:

Taking a dip doesn't have to involve filling your feet with sand. The quality of the fresh waters that you find in environments like Extremadura is splendid. They do not require chemical products to take care of their purity, since they are usually common and are in constant movement. Besides talking about the temperature: if you are looking for a refreshing experience, this is the ideal one!

  • Outdoors and adventure getaways:

On many occasions, to reach quite unknown destinations but which are real wonders, you have to walk some way to find the desired place. Therefore, visiting a natural pool can become a perfect hiking day as a precursor to swimming.

There are also places prepared to practice certain water sports. Did you know that in Extremadura, in the Alange Reservoir, you can do anything from paddleboard to boat trips?

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Have these reasons helped you to opt for a rural tourism getaway in Extremadura? If you have any questions or queries, or would like us to organize a getaway of this style to the best destinations in this autonomous community, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service!

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