Discover the oldest Holy Week / Easter in Extremadura

These towns maintain some of the oldest traditions and processions of the region and the country

Spain is still predominantly Catholic. It maintains many of the annual traditions from centuries ago. Among them, the Holy Week.

Generally between the end of March and the beginning of April, Holy Week is celebrated in Spain. With the arrival of Ash Wednesday, Lent begins until Easter Sunday, where they also spend Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday or Good Friday.

This week is very important in Spanish cities with a great Christian tradition, such as Seville (Andalusia), but it is not the only one that stands out for it. Do you know that in Extremadura there are many very old and well-known processions on the peninsula?

  • The Holy Week in Extremadura has some well-known celebrations such as Holy Week in Cáceres. The Via Crucis del “Cristo Negro”, a procession that runs through the streets of the old part of the city in complete silence, transmits such sobriety and respect that it maintains the credit of International Tourist Interest.

  • Badajoz, Mérida or Jerez de los Caballeros are other important cities with their temples and buildings. Many of them are declared of Tourist Interest at the national level.

Way of the Cross, Mérida

  • And there is much more than processions: it is worth highlighting some impressive representations such as the Living Passion of Oliva de la Frontera. In charge of a multitude of actors, the last journey of Christ to the cross is given life through the streets of the town, also becoming an act of National Tourist Interest.

Video Festivals and Rites: Los Empalaos. La Vera (Rural Extremadura)

  • Other celebrations such as the Empalaos de Valverde de la Vera, the Chiviri de Trujillo or the Day of Light in Arroyo de la Luz complete the wide variety of events that are found throughout the Extremadura geography during the Holy Week.

Light Day - Arroyo de la Luz, Cáceres

Did you know that all these celebrations existed? Which ones have you been able to enjoy? Would you like to know them first hand? Contact us and find out about your trip without obligation.

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