The secrets of the Roman Bridge of Merida

Updated: Jul 18

Although in the ancient Roman capital there are many popular monuments such as the Roman Theater or the Temple of Diana, the Roman bridge of Merida has several curiosities that not everyone knows.

If you think of the ancient Emerita Augusta, surely the great architecture typical of any Roman city of the Roman Empire comes to your mind. And so it is!

The grandeur and majesty of Mérida amazes and delights every tourist who visits it. Historical getaways to this city always meet the expectations of those who come to it willing to experience a true “journey through time”.

The Roman Circus, the "Milagros" Aqueduct or the Roman Bridge are some of the monuments that are part of this archaeological site declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Would you like to know some curiosities of the latter? Let me tell you...

It is the longest Roman bridge in the world

This construction from the 1st century BC. It is the longest Roman bridge in antiquity and is still used for pedestrians today.

A bridge over two thousand years old that has survived time, wear, wars... It is, without a doubt, a treasure on the Guadiana.

It was fundamental during the evolution of Emerita Augusta

A very advanced construction for the time, with its 60 arches and almost 800 meters, it was a key strategic point in the communications of the west of the peninsula, stimulating the commercial and economic activity of the city.

It is considered a place for resting

Its length and its marvelous location, with prodigious views of the city and the Guadiana River, many residents of Mérida and travelers consider this bridge a zone of rest and disconnection. A place intoxicated with history that invites us to travel back in time, to escape, dream and oxygenate our mind and spirit.

Furthermore, this iconic bridge plays an important role in the amazing “Emerita Lvdica” festival that will take place in October this year.

Would you like to come to enjoy it? We can organize your getaway so that you only focus on enjoy it.

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