Secrets of the oldest Theatre Festival in Spain

Updated: Jul 8

Every summer a new edition of the Mérida Classical Theatre Festival begins. Did you know this festival has great recognition? It is considered the most important theatre festival of its kind and also the oldest known in Spain: this year it celebrates its 68th edition.

Year after year, the reception of the festival is greater, not only among residents and tourists who come from all over the country to enjoy this cultural experience but also among the actors who represent the plays, for whom the possibility of acting in a festival as relevant and in a unique stage as the Roman theatre, it is enriching for their professional careers.

Discover the Festival

The Mérida Classical Theatre Festival takes place annually between the months of July and August, and great theatrical classics and adaptations of plays are performed where the great protagonist is the Roman theatre of Mérida, built between the years 16 and 15 BC.

Visiting the Roman theatre of Mérida is always a luxury, but doing it during any of the shows that take place there, is a unique experience that you can’t miss to see how centuries of history come to life in one of the best preserved Roman theatres in the country.

In addition to the Roman theatre of Mérida, you can also enjoy small theatrical performances in other notable places in the city such as the Temple of Diana, and this year as a novelty, the recently renovated Maria Luisa theatre is incorporated into the festival.

But, did you know this festival is not only celebrated in the city of Mérida? The festival has other venues in different Roman monuments of great value, such as the Medellín theatre, the Regina theatre, and the Caparra settlement.

These Roman monuments incorporated plays of the festival just a few years ago, being able to resume the function for which they were built and also being places with a lot of history and very interesting to do tourism.

Regina Theatre, Casas de Reina

What plays can you see this year?

At the Classical Theatre Festival, you can not only see great classic plays, but you will also enjoy adaptations of plays by authors such as Shakespeare or Plautus, with striking scripts that capture the attention of the public.

From tragedies, comedies, musicals, ballet, dance, modern versions of classics, or stage poems, you'll find performances to suit all tastes.

If you are interested in going to one of the performances this year but you don't know which one to choose, we recommend two of the plays that are expected to be the most successful in this edition: Miles Gloriosus and Arome of Rome, both comedies that usually work very well with all kinds of audiences, and that also have renowned actors from the Spanish audiovisual scene.

If you like history and culture, this festival has the perfect mix to make a different and unique plan that will surely not leave you indifferent.

If you want to enjoy a top-class cultural experience, get in touch with us, take advantage of our promotions in plays, and live the Roman theatre in first person. Are you going to miss it?

Also, don’t forget that Mérida has many Roman monuments that you can’t miss during your visit to the festival, so if you want to discover the city at your own pace, you have available our Mérida travel guidebook with key places to visit, recommendations about accommodation and restaurants, plans in surrounding areas and much more advice.

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