Perfect getaways for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated every first Sunday of May in Spain and Portugal. This special day for them is celebrated in some Latin American countries on the second Sunday of May, but its meaning remains the same: to recognize the commitment mothers have to their children and show them our unconditional love for them.

Whenever you celebrate it, Mother's Day is a perfect moment to share time and experiences with her. Also in Spain, this year Mother's Day coincides with the celebration of Labor Day, so you can take advantage of a long weekend to make plans with her.

All mothers, regardless of age or nationality, are fully involved, but each one is unique and different: those who pursue their professional dreams, those who are dedicated to taking care of the home, those who travel the most, those who like to take care of themselves... That's why we bring you some proposals to surprise each one of them.

For those who are in the sweet wait, about to be mothers

Relax and Wellness

If you are expecting your first baby, it is the perfect time to make one last getaway as a couple to enjoy privacy and prepare for the arrival of the new member of the family. Enjoy some time for yourselves in a #babymoon, making a getaway totally focused on well-being and relaxation, strengthening the couple's bond, relaxing and preparing the mind and body for this new stage. In the Ambroz Valley area, you will find accommodation and spas that are ideal for a weekend of total disconnection from which you will come out with totally renewed energy, and ready to face your new adventure!

This area is great, also take the opportunity to make slower tourism through nearby and charming towns such as Granadilla or Hervás, discovering its beautiful and narrow streets of the old town or the best preserved Jewish neighbourhood in Spain, and enjoying its excellent gastronomy; while enjoying the Roman baths in the area, with medicinal waters.

If you want to extend your getaway, very close, you will find the Jerte Valley, which this month is in full rain of cherry blossom petals, leaving a most romantic picture. You can take the opportunity to get lost in its little villages and discover its beautiful viewpoints and, if possible, take short routes to enjoy the wonderful waterfalls.

For the moms and the little ones at home

Moliceiros boats, Aveiro

Fancy a family getaway to a small coastal town? Aveiro is a very picturesque city and different from what you have surely seen so far. If you don't know this area of Portugal, you will fall in love with its characteristic coloured houses, its typical tiles and its canals.

Also, if you want to enjoy the beach, Costa Nova is the perfect place for a weekend on its immense and endless beaches of fine white sand where the little ones will enjoy it like never before, they can even practice water sports, such as surfing or others.

Another good coastal town option is Cascais, where you will find landscapes of cliff beaches such as Boca do Inferno, whose sunset will leave you fascinated. Also, you can't miss Cabo do Roca, one of the most spectacular landscapes located at the westernmost point of Europe. Cascais is the perfect combination if you want to enjoy the coast but at the same time not too big villages, but with a lot of life and a good atmosphere.

For the most experienced mothers

Balloon flight

Why not make a plan alone with your mother and spend some time with each other? Spring and good weather bring with it a multitude of activities that you can do outdoors. Surprise her with a different and special experience, a balloon ride from Alqueva is an ideal option that you will enjoy like few other experiences or even a nautical experience to enjoy the largest lake in Europe. From seeing the sunrise before taking flight, to discovering the beauty of the Alentejo and its landscapes from above, enjoying the best views, an original Mother's Day gift that she will always remember!

But if you prefer an experience surrounded by nature that is not high-flying, you can enjoy natural settings such as Monfragüe, Biosphere Natural Reserve, to learn about its flora and fauna, although the most interesting thing happens when night falls, because you can see the stars and admire the firmament in one of the best skies in Europe.

For grandmas

Castle of the Dukes of Alba, Coria

Spending a day with her and getting to know places with a lot of history and great cultural baggage is a plan that she will enjoy for sure. For this reason, we recommend a getaway to Coria, one of the most beautiful towns in the north of Extremadura, which has a historic centre declared a Site of Cultural Interest and some walls of Roman origin that are a must. Going through Coria for a walk is a very enjoyable and pleasant experience because it doesn't have steep streets or large slopes.

Also, if your grandmother is religious, she will surely love knowing one of the best kept treasures in the city, the Last Supper of Jesus Christ, one of the most important relics of Christianity. Visit its Cathedral and its Sacred Art Museum, you will surely like to know its jewels and its Christian history.

You can also enjoy the gastronomy of the area based on the products of the region, among which the lamb stew or the ovau stand out, a kind of blood soup with bread and pieces of liver. Coria is a very interesting gastronomic and cultural experience to discover with your grandmother.

All these experiences are included in our gift vouchers, but there are many more options! If you want to know more experiences, in our store you will find ideal vouchers that you can give away on Mother's Day, which in addition to these activities include a night's accommodation in a 4* hotel or similar and that you can exchange throughout the year.

This is the perfect gift since you can customise it, choosing the desired experience totally to your liking. In addition, you can get the voucher in both physical and digital format.

If you would like more information or you are looking to organise a Mother's Day getaway, contact us.

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