Three fresh recipes from Extremadura & Portugal for this summer

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Extremadura and the southern half of Portugal are quite hot during the summer months. Avoiding peak hours of heat, hydrating well and avoiding large meals are factors of great help to withstand high temperatures. In this post we want to propose 3 dishes that will take away the heat quickly.

The climate of the interior of the Peninsula is characterized by being dry but very hot. In summer, temperatures can exceed 40ºC in areas such as Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha or Extremadura in Spain or El Alentejo or Centro in Portugal.

And how to cope with the heat? One of the essential tricks is to maintain a lighter diet. Prioritize foods such as vegetables and fruit, whose proportion in water is higher, and avoid foods with fats that make digestion difficult.

Would you like to learn some typical recipes of the inhabitants of these areas? Keep reading!

Start with a plate of "cojongondo"

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Although the name in Spanish seems somewhat inappropriate for many speakers, the truth is that it is a typical Extremaduran recipe. Some consider it a predecessor of the well-known “gazpacho”.

From humble origins, it is a very simple dish and, above all, refreshing. Typical of the Tierra de Barros area (Extremadura, Spain) and with Arab roots, it includes bread, garlic, oil, vinegar, vegetables (such as peppers, cucumbers or tomatoes) and water.

To make this dish, you start with the dressing, cut the vegetables and the bread (preferably from the day before) and let it rest when everything is mixed so that it is soaked and appropriately picks up the flavor. Afterwards, you just have to take it cold.

Or do you prefer a some "ajoblanco"?

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Another of the typical dishes of the areas of Extremadura or Andalusia and which is believed to date back to Roman times is Ajoblanco. A very summery dish made with bread, garlic, oil, vinegar, water, salt and, depending on the area, almonds or eggs. As you are imagining, yes, it is also considered a predecessor of gazpacho.

A recipe to take cold and enjoy a perfect salty cream to combine with other dishes.

Shall we finish with a dessert?

Not everything has to be salty. There are many recipes for fresh desserts that, even though they are not ice-cream or sorbets, are served cold and sweeten our palates.


And this is known, for example, by the Portuguese with recipes such as Baba de Camelo, a very simple typical dessert that is served after resting in the fridge.

You only need 2 ingredients: a can of condensed milk and eggs. Separating the yolks from the whites and bringing them to the snow point, you just have to mix them carefully with the condensed milk previously cooked with the yolks. Then it is served in small glasses, it is put in the fridge for at least two hours ... And that's it!

Taking advantage of the infinity of light and fresh meals in summer will always help you to better withstand high temperatures. Although, of course, the best of all is being able to enjoy this authentic recipes in their places of origin. Would you like to know these destinations? Consult us without obligation!

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