Welcome to Unique Destinations!

We are pleased to launch our blog to be closer to you and share different experiences, hidden destinations, stories, special places and ancient traditions, for you to live and experience Spain and Portugal “as a local”.

Unique Destinations is born of the passion and love of the founders for these lands and their people. And with the objective of spreading these charmed places: rich in history and culture, high biodiversity and broad nature, with no mass tourism, where you can disconnect and enjoy of everything you dream for in one single place; creating unique and tailored experiences for each traveller.

These marvellous places are located between Portugal and Spain border and are very close to the main tourist centers such as Lisbon, Seville and Madrid.

  • If you love Spain and Portugal, have been here and want to come back or want to live it in a more authentic way, connecting with the local culture and without losing the best for you; this is your place!

  • If you love history, or you are a culture fan, or passionate about gastronomy, or in love with nature; this is your place!

  • And if you are like us, curious traveller that love to connect with local culture and looking for something different and real that covers your personal interests and desires; this is your place!

Just be careful of not falling in love with this place, you might not want to come back home!

Are you ready to get lost with us?

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